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Featured Products

Cafe arabica

Picture of Cafe arabica
50,000 vnđ/100gr

Cafe chồn

Picture of Cafe chồn
100,000 vnđ/100gr

Cafe culi đặc biệt

Picture of Cafe culi đặc biệt
24,000 vnđ/100gr

Cafe robusta

Picture of Cafe robusta
28,000 vnđ/100gr

Cafe thượng hạng

Picture of Cafe thượng hạng
34,000 vnđ/100gr

Moka Đặc Biệt

Picture of Moka Đặc Biệt
26,000 vnđ/100gr


Picture of Special
40,000 vnđ/100gr


Model cafes everything free, only charging SITTING

In London, a unique clean cafe for customers to use free everything except the minute you sit consistency. You do not have to bear the sight of human intrusive in the county do you sit that long.

Unveiled excellent way to lose weight with coffee

Caffeine - the main ingredient in coffee - have a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, increases mental activity, making mental alertness when fatigued. Specifically, caffeine is very good quality and heat is metabolic stimulant, helps metabolize fatty acids in the blood into energy for consumption.

Instructions on how to preserve coffee

When you buy a pack of ground coffee for home use, of course we can not mix all at once. So how to keep your coffee packets always delicious? Pihatt please tell a few tips for you to always have a delicious cup of coffee.

Need to know


Customer reviews

"Very pleased with the quality of weeks of real coffee COFFEE. Ideas you have clean coffee combined with the background Highlands gong culture, unique Brocade Highland nice. Always hope that you promote and do better! "